Ten iPhone Settings You Can Change with Siri
Ten iPhone Settings You Can Change with Siri

Ten iPhone Settings You Can Change with Siri

While Siri still isn’t quite up to the mark with regards to having back and forth conversations and asking obscure, complex questions, it is gotten pretty good at some key things.

Things that a lot of iPhone customers use Siri for, like calling someone, sending someone a good iMessage, time zone or currency conversion and the like.

Siri is so proficient at these things that I usually skip the UI and ask Siri to perform those things for me even when my fingers are right there on the display screen (Hey Siri command really helps there). But there’s one more thing you can add to that list – device commands.


Ten iPhone Settings You Can Change with Siri

I don’t have a planned Do not Disturb set up. I usually do it before going to bed. However sometimes I forget and some group chat I’m in makes a decision to have an engaging conversation right as I’m about to fall asleep.

This testing times like these all I say is “Hey Siri switch on do not disturb” and more often than not, it does. I don’t have to get my phone, look at it in the dark, none of those things.

And that’s on the list of device settings Siri can manipulate for you. There are loads.

Regarding Modifiers

There are different ways you can talk to Siri about this. You can use the actual enable/disable moniker, or turn on/turn off. Activate/deactivate works too. And for things like brightness, you can also ask Siri to increase/decrease this for you.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about things you can request Siri to do.

Device Settings You Can Change with Siri

  • Activate/Deactivate Wi-Fi
  • Turn on/Off Bluetooth
  • Increase/Decrease Brightness
  • Turn on/Off Evening Shift
  • Turn on/Off Airplane Mode
  • Turn on/Off Cellular Information
  • Activate/Deactivate Low Power Mode
  • Enable/Disable VoiceOver
  • Enable/Disable Invert colours
  • Turn on/Off Do Not Disturb

You can ask Siri to open Settings or even open a specific part of the Settings app like Notification settings. You may also ask Siri if Wi-Fi is enabled.

How Do You Use Siri

Ten iPhone Settings You Can Change with Siri

It’s quite frustrating when Siri gets you wrong. As well as it’s also quite hard to come back to Siri once that happens.

However I’m starting to train my brain to know what Siri is good at and what she isn’t. So when there are times when Siri can save me personally time, I try to engage her instead of opening an application for a Google search.

What about you? How do yo use Siri? Present to us in the comments below.

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