How to Deal with Bargain Basement Bloggers
How to Deal with Bargain Basement Bloggers

How to Deal with Bargain Basement Bloggers

 How to Deal with Bargain Basement Bloggers
How to Deal with Bargain Basement Bloggers



Don’t do business with bargain basement bloggers.

If you align by using fearful bloggers you will tend to align with fearful bloggers within the foreseeable future, for where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Idea for this Post
I read the above email this morning.

After I have notified said blogger of my sponsored post rates.

Your dog emailed back with the above message.

I did not respond.

Not because of the guy annoyed me. I loved seeing the opportunity. Genuinely.

Nonetheless because I know we are not a match.

He is doing things at a fear-based space (note the discount/scarcity mindset).

I intend to undertake things from a loving, abundant space.

Oil and water.

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1 Exception

I will happily hop into a business partnership with a article author who offers me something appealing from a loving, relaxed, cool off space.

Example; if someone asks me to review their product or service nevertheless their offer price falls short of my sponsored post pace I assess a few things:

  • if I reviewed the product would it gain my audience?
  • does the person feel honest?
  •  the person experience genuine?
  • does the person feel authentic?
    I have no issues with NOT NECESSARILY looking 1 bit at the money aspect of the sponsored posting bit. Doing things from a more loving, fun space possesses largely dissolved my rigidity/fear-based approach to doing business.

    The old me found only dollar signs. If someone offered a price lower than my rates My spouse and i either ignored them or wished them well and explained we were not a match.

    The newer, more relaxed me sees whether stronger vibe of love or fear in the person. If they are looking after, and genuinely have something super duper to offer my audience by way of their product or service I will review it for a lower rate. Will depend on the energy. Nothing to do with the money.

    But if the person is far more into scarcity and lack, and I can feel their concern with spending money – see the email above – I simply don’t reply to them. Most compassionate thing I can do for both us and the individual.

    Energy Game

    How to Deal with Bargain Basement Bloggers

    I care less about labeling people as tire kickers or cheapskates.

    I care more about appointing caring, authentic, heart-felt bloggers who run heart-centered blogs.

    My spouse and i care less about having mental posture, shooting down any observed lowball offer because I feel insulted.

    I care more about obtaining energetic posture, releasing folks who are coming from a desperate, fearful place and working with folks who come from a loving, caring place, given that these folks bring something to the table which will help my audience.

    Dread or Love?
    The next blogging deal that comes your way needs to be assessed with this question:

    Is the blogger coming from a fearful space or maybe loving space?

    You know in every case when someone appears to be applying you and when someone genuinely and thoughtfully wants to work with anyone for a mutually beneficial partnership.

    Your Turn
    Have you entered into some sort of blogging partnership with a shrewd blogger?

    How did it go?